Viet Cong – “Silhouettes” Video

Our current reigning Album Of The Week is the self-titled debut from the Calgary postpunkers Viet Cong. It’s an album that twists guitar sounds up in grand, epic ways, and it’s one you should really hear. The band already made a video for first single “Continental Shelf,” and now they have another one for the driving, forceful “Silhouettes,” a song about an electric shock that frontman Matt Flegel once suffered onstage. The video tells the story of a spaceman who visits a haunted house. Director Brook Linder explains: “‘Silhouettes’ came from blending iconography from old haunted house films and late ’70s, early ’80s sci-fi: So, pluck an astronaut from a spacewalk and set him in the House on Haunted Hill. The fun comes with playing those types off of each other, like mashing an old DOS-like computer interface up against the organic-looking galactic explosions.” Watch the video below.

(via The New York Times)

Viet Cong is out now on Jagjaguwar.