Speedy Ortiz Announce New Album Foil Deer

Speedy Ortiz have announced the follow-up to 2013 debut Major Arcana. It’s called Foil Deer, and it’s out this April. In an interview with Spin, Sadie Dupuis said the title “comes from a sculpture I saw in a museum a while ago. I wrote it in a notebook. I liked the image of it, and it wound up in a lyric of a song.” She added that this will be the band’s first album with guitarist Devin McKnight after previous guitarist Matt Robidoux went on an indefinite hiatus from the band last May: “We haven’t really talked to [Robidoux] since then, but he’s doing his own thing in a couple of projects.” Speedy spent three weeks recording Foil Deer compared to just four days on Major Arcana, and they quit their day jobs this time around. Read the full interview here.

Speedy Ortiz have shared the album artwork and tracklist for Foil Deer — in a brief Pitchfork article, Dupuis commented on the refreshed state-of-mind that inspired her songwriting:

I gave up wasting mental energy on people who didn’t have my back,” frontwoman Sadie Dupuis says in press release. “Listening to our old records, I get the sense that I was putting myself in horrible situations just to write sad songs. The music isn’t coming from a dark place, and without slipping into self-empowerment jargon, it feels stronger.

Check out the tracklist and an original Michael DeForge cartoon about the record below.

01 “Good Neck”
02 “Raising the Skate”
03 “The Graduates”
04 “Dot X”
05 “Homonovus”
06 “Puffer”
07 “Swell Content”
08 “Zig”
09 “My Dead Girl”
10 “Ginger”
11 “Mister Difficult”
12 “Dvrk Wvrld”

Foil Deer is out 4/21 on Carpark.

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