Scenes From The San Jose Sharks’ Metallica Night

You will be hard-pressed to find many aging rock stars who enjoy their aging-rock-star status more than the members of Metallica. Case in point: the San Jose Sharks’ Metallica Night. The NHL team has been taking the ice to “Seek And Destroy,” the 1983 song from their fellow Bay Area institution, for years. And last night, as the Associated Press reports, the band came through for their game against the L.A. Kings. The team gave them customized jerseys, and they helped out with things like the puck drop and the starting-lineup announcement. Below, check out some scenes from the night.

Blessing the ice… #MetalliSharks

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"New best friend." – @metallica #MetalliSharks

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Need another player tonight? #MetalliSharks

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"SAN JOSE! ARE YOU READY?!?!" #MetalliSharks

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There’s a lot more up at Metallica’s Instagram. Kirk Hammet, you will notice, stayed home. Maybe he just wanted to spend a night playing guitar solos without Lars telling him that he’s making the songs sound dated.

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