Stream Percussions (Four Tet) 2011 Until 2014

It’s not like Kieran Hebden doesn’t release a fuckton of music under his Four Tet name. Both on his own and as a producer for other artists, Hebden is one of those electronic artists who can maintain a ridiculous output while still keeping up a certain standard of excellence. And he’s got so much music that one name can’t contain him. Over the past few years, he’s also been releasing spare, propulsive, club-centric singles under the name Percussions. We’ve posted a few of those tracks: “Blatant Water Cannon,” “Ascii Bot,” “Sext,” “KHLHI.” And now Hebden has compiled all his Percussions 12″ releases, along with some 12″ tracks, into a new surprise album called 2011 Until 2014. Below, you can stream the whole 11-track album.

You can buy 2011 Until 2014 at Bandcamp.