Future’s DJ Esco Spent 56 Days In A Dubai Prison

Last year, Future performed at the fancy 2014 Abu Dhabi Grand Prix at the tail-end of his European tour, and brought along his affiliate DJ Esco in his posse. As FADER found out, Esco ended up spending 56 days in a Dubai prison after he was arrested for marijuana possession when they arrived at the airport. “I wasn’t pissed that I was the one that got caught,” Esco told FADER. “I was more focused on how to get out then how I got in.” Here’s the gist of the story:

After picking up some weed in Amsterdam at what was supposed to be the last show of Future’s European tour, they made another stop in Abu Dhabi to perform at the Grand Prix. “I was not intentionally trying to bring weed to Abu Dhabi,” he explained. And if I would have known the rules and laws they got over there, I would have quadruple checked my bag and made sure there wasn’t a piece of weed.” Esco ended up pushing the bags through the airport, and their cameraman started filming him, but apparently cameras aren’t allowed in the airport. “This is how this whole thing started — now we’re causing a scene.”

After security made the cameraman delete all of the pictures, an officer asked for everyone’s passport, specifically targeting Esco because he was the one being filmed. The officer started checking all of the bags that he was pushing around, and he eventually found “this fairy dust particle of weed in my backpack. They’re trying to get like a magnifying glass and—I’m for real—they’re like, arguing if it’s green or brown.” They continue searching through the bags until they come across “a good little amount, probably 15 grams or something like that.”

To make a long story short, Esco ends up getting sent to jail for 56 days. From there, his story gets only more wild. Read all of the details over on FADER.

56 SLEEPLESS NIGHTS IN AN ARAB PRISON! 1 AMERICAN. The ONLY AMERICAN. The furthest prisoner from home like an #ALIEN from a whole other planet I became "THE ESCO TERRESTRIAL". No Visitors, No Sun, No Moon, No Outdoors, No English, No Music, No TV, No Books, No Pen, No Paper, No Recreation, No Hot Food, No Hot Water, No Toilet, No Spoon, No Trial, No Judge, NO PROBLEM!!! With all that said Special thanks to Captain Saeed "the warden" I thank him and his staff for being OPEN MINDED in a Closed Minded Country (Dubai). He's the biggest reason I'm #FREE today. Gotta thank my Brother from another @FUTURE for taking care of my lawyer. You kept my spirit up in there I couldn't have made it without your support bro #MADLUV. Big shout out to my lawyer for a job well done and EVERYONE who sent prayers, calls, mentions, likes, tweets, reposts it means the world to me! THANK YOU.. or as they say in Arabic…SHUKRAN. #BeastMode Sent from my iPad

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Esco also makes some appearances in our Future cover story.

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