Mac DeMarco’s Mom Was The Breakout Star Of Laneway Festival

Agnes DeMarco has become something of a celebrity herself after following her son’s rise to fame in the indie world. She’s been interacting with Mac’s fans on Twitter for a while now, but she’s just made a big leap after MCing Australia’s Laneway Festival over the weekend. Mac agreed to play the event as long as his mom could tag along and the organizers agreed, and then came up with the ingenious idea to have her serve as the MC for the entire event.

“I’m so thrilled to be part of it,” she told The Edmonton Journal, her hometown newspaper that just did a profile on her. “To be an advocate for Mac, to be an advocate for [her other son] Hank, that’s my joy. If it leads to other opportunities, I’m open to anything. If I blow it, I’ll just mess my hair up and fall off the stage. Do a Courtney Love or something, pretend I’m drunk.”

But it doesn’t look like she blew it: the festival seems to have went off without a hitch, and Agnes even joined Mac on stage during his performance. It wasn’t the first time she’s been on stage with Mac, however: she came into the spotlight after getting up on stage and singing at one of Mac’s shows last April at NYC venue Baby’s All Right.

And she’s not slowing down anytime soon. She’ll be the president of the soon-to-be-formed Mac DeMarco fan club, and she still has a few more events to MC for Laneway. And in the meantime, she’ll be appearing on Australia’s Triple J radio station. “Fans will write me through Facebook: ‘I was so desperate and then I listened to Mac, and he gave me so much hope’!” Agnes told the Journal. “That’s why I talk to his fans. Because that’s what this world is about, that’s what this life is about — connection and communication and compassion.”

For more information on Agnes (and Mac’s childhoood), check out this profile of her, or you can follow her on Twitter or Instagram.

[Photo by Laura-Lynn Petrick.]