Watch Neil Young And Jimmy Fallon As Neil Young Perform “Old Man” On The Tonight Show

It had to happen eventually. Jimmy Fallon has been doing his eerily accurate Neil Young impression on late night TV for several years, often with big special guests. And while Young has been on Fallon’s show before, he’s never sat side-by-side with Fallon’s fake version of himself before. That changed last night, as the two Neil Youngs, almost identically dressed, sang “Old Man” together. There’s a joke there, but it’s a relatively subtle one: Young is now an old man, and Jimmy Fallon is a lot like him, at least when he’s impersonating him. But it was also a sincere and touching tribute; Fallon clearly loves this song, and he played the hell out of it. Later in the show, Fallon returned to the stage with the Roots and a full complement of backing singers behind him, as they played Young’s 2014 environmentalist anthem “Who’s Gonna Stand Up?” Watch both performances below.

Young’s new album Storytone is out now on Reprise.