Some Old Band Is Trying To Make FKA Twigs Change Her Name

FKA twigs used to be known as just plain “Twigs,” at least until she found out that there was another act who used that name. The Twigs, a Chicago alt-pop sister act who have been around since the ’90s, got there first, and Tahlia Barnett offered them $15,000 for the use of the name in 2013. But Linda and Laura Good, the sisters who make up the Twigs, turned her down, and that’s why Barnett added the “FKA” to her name. (It stands for “formerly known as.”)

But as Billboard reports, that wasn’t enough for the Good sisters, who sought a restraining order to keep Barnett from using the “FKA twigs” name. The Beggars Group, the company that runs Barnett’s label, successfully argued that plenty of other acts (Charlatans UK, the London Suede, Common) have made similar name changes to avoid trademark infringement, and the Goods did not get their restraining order. But the Goods did retain the right to sue later on. Which they probably will! They seem very serious about this!

Seriously, though, does anyone run the risk of confusing these ladies with FKA twigs? No. No, they don’t.

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