Calvin Harris – “Pray To God” (Feat. HAIM) Video

HAIM were already having a huge week, thanks entirely to them looking cool and compelling every time the Grammy Awards cameras were on them. (They didn’t win any awards or perform. Didn’t matter.) But it just got bigger, since EDM overlord Calvin Harris has made a video for his HAIM collab “Pray To God.” Harris himself never appears in the video, unless he’s wearing a shockingly realistic bear suit or something. Instead, the camera focuses on the three HAIM sisters in full witch-warrior mode, as they stand tall in the snow and enchant wolves and bears and lions. It’s absolute nonsense, but they look so ridiculously cool that they sell it. And it doesn’t hurt that the song is the closest Harris will ever come to making his own “Edge Of Seventeen.” Watch it below.

Harris’ album Motion is out now on Sony.