Killswitch Engage Dude Was Totally Stoked To Be On The Price Is Right

On the real: There is not a one among us who would not be amped to be a contestant on The Price Is Right, whether or not we play in metalcore bands. Adam Dutkiewicz does play in a metalcore band; he plays guitar in the long-running Massachusetts crew Killswitch Engage. He was also very, very happy to be on a recent episode of the eternal game show. Dutkiewicz seemed absolutely delighted just to hear Drew Carey say his name, and things got better from there. Dutkiewicz ended up winning a new car, a Honda Fit, and then making it to the Showcase Showdown. In the showdown, he just barely won, taking home a new truck along with a whole bunch of other stuff. His haul totaled more than $51,000. But watching the show, you get the idea that he would’ve been almost as happy if he’d gone back to the tour bus with just the lint in his pockets. It’s really fun to watch this guy on this show, and you can watch it below.

(via Noisey)

May we all have as good a day as Adam Dutkiewicz had when he was on The Price Is Right.