Broken Water – “High-Lo” (Stereogum Premiere)

Olympia, Washington championed some of the most influential music of the early to mid ’90s. Home of the Evergreen State College, it’s a small city with deep roots in a DIY ethos; Olympia is where the Riot Grrrl rebellion was born, where grunge made an occasional home, and where K-Records launched its slipshod twee empire. Olympia never stopped existing, people just got over talking about it, which is why the city has continued to produce music that isn’t afraid of consistently referencing the past. Broken Water emerge from a tradition of musicians who skirt the rules, and their discography has spanned a variety of genre inclinations that all sound distinctly Pacific Northwestern ever since they started releasing material in 2009.

“High-Lo” is the debut single off Broken Water’s forthcoming full-length, Wrought, which they are announcing today along with this premiere. The album was recorded and mixed by the storied producer Steve Fisk, who worked with Nirvana and Soundgarden, as well as SST, Sub Pop, and K-Records. Earth member Lori Goldston, who toured with Nirvana at the end of their career, will perform cello on the record. “High-Lo” initiates as melodic shoegaze, its lyrics exhaling insecurities, “Am I right or am I wrong?/ All I know is I do not know,” before plummeting into instrumental sludge worthy of Unwound. Listen below.

Wrought Tracklist:
01 “High-Lo”
02 “Wasted”
03 “1984”
04 “Choice”
05 “Psycho Static”
06 “Love And Poverty”
07 “Set Free”
08 “Close”
09 “Stone”
10 “Beach”

Wrought is out 3/24 via Night-People Records.

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