Shut Up, Dude: This Week’s Best And Worst Comments

Happy Valentine’s Day, commenter baes.


#10 dcapp | Feb 9th Score:40


I just read that.

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#9 LeMonjello | Feb 10th Score:40

classic merboy

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#8 raptor jesus | Feb 6th Score:40

Really guys? As Pitchfork points out? I e-mailed you guys this news tip 4+ hours ago:

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Wesley Morgan Paraham | Feb 9th Score:40

I don’t like that West is insinuating that Beck isn’t a real artist, but Beck’s win did feel more like a lifetime achievement award than a Album of the Year award.

Also, no one is giving any reasons as to why Beyoncé should have taken home the trophy other than “but c’mon y’all — she’s Beyoncé!” Cult of personalities are lame, guys, regardless of how dope an album was.

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Adam Smith Riggs | Feb 9th Score:43

Seriously? Beck didn’t deserve to win for that masterstroke of an album? I dig Beyonce, but she has a small army of people making her music for/with her. Beck is an accomplished multi-instrumentalist whose career spans multiple genres.

Fuck off, Stereogum. Get your head out of Kanye and Beyonce’s ass.

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#4 sleepyheadphone | Feb 9th Score:47

Since when have the Grammys anything to do with “real artistry”?

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#3 graduation | Feb 9th Score:48


“I’m as black as the heart of a fucking Aryan.” Dear lord, Kendrick is not playing.

I needed something to wash the taste of the Grammys out of my mouth.

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#2 huckabeast | Feb 9th Score:57

Hearing this song the day after the Grammys is like chasing a flat Mountain Dew with a million-dollar shot of tequila.

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#1 bikemail | Feb 9th Score:58

Beck handled it really well, but Kanye was very clearly being an asshole toward him for no justifiable reason. Say what you will about Morning Phase, but Beck is just is much an “artist” as Beyonce and it was really out of line for Kanye to denigrate Beck like that.

Honestly, Beyonce really should have won, but that doesn’t make it okay to rail against a guy as nice as Beck for something as inconsequential as a Grammy.

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Robet Jung | Feb 12th Score:-18

Firstly Diplo’s tag #jesuisrebecca” was pretty funny. As was the “gif artist millionaires.” I don’t advocate intellectual property theft (hello China! Hello the entire world of hip hop!), but this is a total tempest in a teapot. “Rude tweets?” All tweets should be rude. Picking on poor poor ninnies like Taylor Spliff and Lorde(knows)? Who cares? They can bathe in money to wash away their emotional pain. It’s endlessly amusng how the same people who chastise the homogeneity of popular music take such hypocritical PC attitudes as regards every easy target.

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#4 bellarose121 | Feb 6th Score:-19

Oh holy clickbate…. Taylor must make all these outlets TONS of money. Can we talk about that for a second? How all your clicks are on all these stupid Taylor articles are making Stereogum a ton of money and whoever else is writing the same exact story all day today? Taylor, taylor, taylor. And everyone participates because she’s what you all care about.

Now getting back to the issue at hand: How about we talk about how common this actually is? How Britney did it with the word “Toxic”? How Katy Perry just recently did something similar with the whole “left shark” situation? But because Taylor is who she is – seen as this figure of popularity, the “America’s Sweetheart” that all of you soapbox, anti-anything-popular, self-entitled keyboard pounders like to hate on because it makes you feel better about yourselves for some inane reason – she’s an easy target for those who are bitter and have some fantasy that you are somehow better that her for not being as successful as she is.

At the end of the day, she put a lot of work into an album that became immensely popular. She put out a body of work for her fans to CONSUME. And they consume it because they appreciate it and feel that it is worth buying. As most musicians do, Taylor is planning on making tour merchandise. But because she is SO POPULAR, she has to worry about all of the bootleg shit out there. All of you idiots like to cry, “Oh she’s so rich! She doesn’t need more money!” Well how do you think she got rich and stays rich? By making the fundamentally stupid business choice of giving away her creations away for free? I think not. If any of you a-holes created something and saw others making money off of what you created, you would not be okay with that. End of story. Now go complain on the internet about something else.

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#1 inthedeadofknight | Feb 9th Score:-32


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Doris Montgomery | Feb 11th Score:3

This is a really cool lineup. Would have loved to see 38 Special headline but oh well.

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