Afroman Punched A Female Fan In The Face

Afroman, who had a titanic hit with “Because I Got High” in 2000 and who is somehow still performing in front of shockingly large crowds, was arrested last night after punching a female fan in the face mid-performance. TMZ reports that Afroman was onstage in Biloxi, Mississippi when a woman got onstage to dance. Afroman, who was mid-guitar solo, turned around and absolutely laid her out with a gigantic punch before returning to his guitar solo. Police eventually stopped the show and arrested Afroman outside, charging him with assault. He was later released on a $330 bond. The woman was crying and bleeding, according to witnesses. Afroman’s reps claim that he didn’t know who was onstage, whether it was a man or a woman. If you like, you can watch fan-made footage of the attack below.

The guy who followed the girl offstage was probably her boyfriend, right? So how did he not just plow Afroman in the fucking face after that?

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