Vanilla Ice Arrested For Stealing Furniture

Vanilla Ice aka Robert Van Winkle has been hanging out in the periphery of “the spotlight” for years now, despite the fact that he’s been almost painfully irrelevant in the realm of popular culture since the mid-’90s. He’s since landed a career doing the same thing that irredeemably forgettable stars do: hosting a mind-numbingly dull reality television show. The Vanilla Ice Project has such a boring premise that I’m trying hard to resist taking it personally: Mr. Van Winkle renovates and flips houses. That’s it. This week, the rapper-turned-carpenter allegedly tried to acquire some additional supplies free of charge. TMZ reports that he has been charged with burglary as well as grand theft after he broke into an abandoned Floridian home and stole furniture, a pool heater, and bicycles. No confirmation yet on whether or not the arrest will air as part of the TV show. Watch a promo for The Vanilla Ice Project below.

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