Brian Wilson – “The Right Time”

Brian Wilson’s 11th solo album No Pier Pressure will be out in April, and tracks from the record are beginning to surface. The combination of Wilson and a lyric video might be a little incongruous, but here we are in 2015, where the former Beach Boys mastermind is in the studio with Kacey Musgraves and everything is #content. Anyway, the song is packed with the same complex, multi-party harmonies we’ve come to expect from Wilson and the boys. Former Beach Boys member Al Jardine actually takes the lead on this, while Wilson and David Marks (another former member) provide harmonies. In the visuals, the three of them are hanging out in the studio while Wilson directs, smiles and nods as the song takes shape. Watch it below.

No Pier Pressure is out on 4/7 via Capitol.