The Petting Zoo: The Week’s Top 10 Animal Videos

I have been trying to make a phone call that I need to make for legitimately 30 minutes — 30 minutes exactly, as I’m tying this — and my iPhone refuses to put the call through, even though I have nearly full bars. NEARLY FULL. It will alternate between nearly full and telling me that I have no service. NO SERVICE?! What the hell are you talking about “no service,” I’ve had service here before, GIVE ME SERVICE, WHAT IS GOING ON?! I’m not saying this in an attempt to garner your pity, though I deserve it, I’m saying it because I understand that we all encounter frustrating situations like this in our lives, every day. None as frustrating as the one I am currently going through, no duh — I think that’s pretty clear — but certainly still frustrating situations. Babies crying, work stuff, etc. But one thing that can make those frustrating situations better is throwing your stupid fucking phone out the window watching animal videos. There are lots of good ones today! LET’S DO IT, WE DESERVE IT!

10. Cat Jump #FAIL

9. Doberman Vs. Pitbull


7. Dog Climbs Tree In Search Of Imaginary Squirrel

6. Sweet Dog Doesn’t Want To Share His Dog Thing

5. Ostrich On A Snowy Mountain

4. Snoring Puppy

3. Cat Is Upset About Christmas

2. Real Life Fox And Hound Friends

1. Emu Tango