It’s Never Too Late To Learn Good Manners

You might think, “I’m an adult. I might not have perfect by-the-book manners — I put my elbows on the table, for example, and don’t stand when a lady comes into the room or whatever — but I certainly know what’s appropriate and what’s inappropriate in social situations, and I don’t think, at this age, I need to ‘learn’ anything more about manners. (Not because I think it’s too late to ‘learn’ anything about the way I live, or too late to improve in general. It’s more just that I am happy with the way I carry myself socially and think that most of the time I at least know what not to do.) I’ve got a handle on it. I’m not going to change, but that’s fine.” And that’s because you’re a stubbon jerk. LEARN SOME MANNERS! (Via BuzzFeed.)