Fine, The Great Gatsby Trailer, You Guys

This seems to be the only thing anyone on the Internet is talking about, and since it seems that finding something new to talk about would require actual journalism, which would require actual pants, we might as well talk about this. Leonardo DiCaprio! Tobey Maguire! Baz Luhrmann! Carey Mulligan! The roaring ’20s! Indecent Proposal! Watch The Throne! Oh, here’s a bummer: F. Scott Fitzgerald died in relative obscurity after whiling away a number of years trying to write screenplays in Hollywood, and The Great Gatsby was actually much less successful during his lifetime than a couple of other books he wrote, and it was only after his death that he secured a real foothold in American literature and that this book found its true audience (high school students?) so already this morning, Leonardo DiCaprio, Tobey Maguire, Carey Mulligan, and Baz Luhrmann have all enjoyed more “success” and acclaim for The Great Gatsby on Tumblr and Facebook than F. Scott Fitzgerald did in his lifetime. Congrats, guys. Looks great. Voulez-vous barfez avec moi, ce barf? Moulin Rouge!