Eric Wareheim’s Music Video For Depeche Mode’s “Hole To Feed” Is Gross

Eric Wareheim directed a music video for Depeche Mode, and needless to say, it is gross. And NSFW.

If this is supposed to appeal to the old people who actually liked Depeche Mode over 1,000 moons ago when they were relevant, I don’t think it will. Old people are all about dinner parties and comfortable footwear and reasonable investment opportunities. And if it is supposed to appeal to “the kids,” it is DEFINITELY not going to. Kids are all about Pogs and Hannah Montana and Sexting. BUT, if it’s supposed to appeal to alternative-future-underage-carnival-band fetishists who engage in aggressive athletic FACE FUCKING, then, you know, it’s like Hitler always said, ‘OOOOOH, THAT’S A BINGO!’

P.S. Eric Wareheim is a mad man, rendering this entire discussion irrelevant.