Get Rid Of Your Beastly Butt Odor, You Guys

Good morning. You stink.

I love when Adam Jay, excuse me, Dr. Adam Jay, says that you can use Aspray ANYWHERE on your body in a tone of voice that suggests that there are places on your body that you haven’t even heard of. Relax, doctor. We’ve all used a pocket mirror to explore ourselves entirely and written our own vagina monologue to share with that special someone on our wedding night. There is nowhere that your hack basement deodorant could inevitably fail to work as advertised that we haven’t thought of before.

Oh wait.

Did you say your butt?!

Whuuuuuut?! But I’ve had this massive table covered in “expensive” deodorants for years and nothing has been usable on my butt. Just to clarify, you can use this on your butt? To get rid of butt odor? Could you repeat that, Doc Bottoms, I am still unclear on whether or not you can use ass spray on your butt.

Something tells me that Lanny F. uses a whole bottle of this stuff every day just on his hands to get rid of that weird hand smell that he has. And a slow release Aspray stick you know where for all day coverage. (SORRY. FOR EVERYTHING.)