Videogum Does Not Remember Heath Ledger

We don’t want to take this moment to remember Heath Ledger on the one year anniversary of his death. We don’t think that a pop culture blog posting is in any way a fitting tribute for memorializing the death of a human being, and we don’t think it would be inappropriate to let the day go by without mentioning him and how much he will be missed, however true that may be. It seems stupid, and annoying, and insulting. We definitely don’t want to be like TMZ with their stupid fucking post about how his apartment is still empty. TACKY MILE ZONE. Not that they’re even the worst offenders. We’re looking at you, COBBLE HILL BLOG. Go back to covering the goings on of Brooklyn’s finest pet grooming establishments, or whatever, we are sure that Heath’s family will understand. And relax, Pink Is the New Blog. Quit acting like you’re Heath’s best friend. You’re not. Verne Troyer is, duh.

R.I.P. respect, good taste, and sense of proportion. You are who we miss most today.