Lost Teaser Trailer, You Guys

Well, now that we’ve put Fringe in the ground, how about a trailer for Lost?

SPOOKY COMPASS! Man, there’s really nothing here. We’ve given this show too much power in the relationship. It’s taking us for granted. Most of this footage doesn’t even look new. Wasn’t Jack’s “WE HAVE TO GO BACK BECAUSE I’M A CRYBABY!” from the Season 3 finale? The only thing that this trailer really tells us is that this show is still going to involve some of the main characters and maybe an island. I guess that’s good. It would be weird if the show took a dramatically different approach for the new season.

As in this alternate version of the new teaser:

Kate has a big vagina and Jack doesn’t like the sandwich they named after him at the deli. The hatch thinks it was adopted.