SNL: Just The Funny Parts: “Mmm, That’s Some Good Hamm!”

You don’t have to be a Mad Men junkie to have noticed that this week’s SNL’s funniest parts involved its talented host, Jon Hamm, who proved he can do comedy as well as brooding and mysterious drama. The show seems to have either blown its wad on the political stuff, or just taking a break from being funny with it this week. Probably because we’re used to seeing Jon so serious as Don Draper, the SNL people wrote some extra-silly, extra-immature sketches for him, including not one but two that used the time-tested comedy tradition of bathroom humor. After the jump, the five funniest SNL moments, which all, not surprisingly, involved Jon Hamm.

5. Jon’s Opening Monologue — Mad Men As A Dance Competition

4. Let’s Put The Finger In Butts:

3. Two A-Holes Visit Sterling Cooper:

2. Jon Hamm’s John Ham (The Ham You Eat On The Toilet):

1. Don Draper’s Guide To Picking Up Women:

Aside from being funny to non-MadMen viewers as well as fans, the part about the dancing man is a perfect send-up of Mad Men’s sillier aspects.