Colleen Green – “TV” Video

When I interviewed Colleen Green about her new album I Want To Grow Up, we talked about how most of the songs are dark first-person narratives wrapped in the kind of bubblegum coating that makes them an effortless first listen. Oh, and we discussed her favorite television shows. I Want To Grow Up is as digestible as it is honest, and “TV” is an exemplary summation of the record’s recurring themes. The song is an exploration of all of the social anxiety and loneliness that leads us to sit in front of inane television shows for hours on end. “I don’t have to worry about a conversation/ And I don’t have to worry about being fun,” Green sings. In the video for “TV,” Green is anything but alone — she’s joined by her friends Mukta, Drew, and Kelly, as well as members of Girlpool, Slutever, R.L. Kelly, White Fang, Arjuna Genome, and Spirit Kid, all of whom join forces to act out a series of re-imagined reality TV shows. The video lives up to this song’s greatness. Watch it below.

I Want To Grow Up is out 2/24 via Hardly Art.