Raury – “PSA (Seven Suns)” Video

Last year, the promising and ambitious young Atlanta sing-rapper Raury catapulted straight to Mixtape Of The Week status with his Indigo Child project. Today, he’s made a video for “Seven Suns,” the tape’s blazing soul-rock closing track. Raury insists that the new video is a “PSA,” and according to a press release, that means it’s “a satire on how the growth of mobile technology & social media, has created a virtual world in which the citizens’ detach from real-time human communications & interactions.” In practice, that means it’s a video of Raury and his leather-clad telegenic misfit crew snatching people’s smartphones and smashing or burning them. This is a dick thing to do! Don’t take people’s phones! Find better ways to rebel, dorks! (It’s not meant to be taken literally, but come on.) Still, the video is just gorgeously photographed, and it makes for effective filmmaking. Check it out below.

Download Indigo Child here.

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