The Go! Team – “What D’You Say?”

The Go! Team’s latest single “What D’You Say?” opens with a fizzy can of soda opening and being poured into a glass, and I can’t think of a better summation of the band’s charms than that. The indie-pop group has always had a sweet tooth, and nothing seems to have changed on their upcoming new album, The Scene Between. With soft, slightly buried vocals from Samira Winter, “What D’You Say” is chill as hell, a rush of endorphins and cotton candy from a needle made out of a Jolly Rancher. (Enough candy metaphors for you?) Listen and read some words from band leader Ian Parton about the track below.

“What D’You Say?” is an aching little California drone pop song about someone who wants to start over. “‘All the summers I never had, well I’m making up for it. All the chances I never grab but I’m making up for it now…’ It’s all lens flare crash zooms, abandoned theme parks and spinning into waves.

(via FADER)

The Scene Between is out 3/24 via Memphis Industries