Lindstrøm & Grace Hall – “Home Tonight”

The Norwegian space-disco master Lindstrøm has made some beautifully zoned-out instrumental music, but he’s often at his best when he’s working with a vocalist, pushing his astral Italo thumps toward something resembling pop music. On his new single “Home Tonight,” Lindstrøm joins forces with Grace Hall, singer for the L.A. bedroom-R&B duo Skin Town. Together, they’ve put together a nine-minute planetarium banger that finds room for plenty of squiggly hooks and one classic piano-house break in its infinite-repeat majesty. When Lindstrøm is operating at the top of his game, as he is here, it’s something you need to hear. And you can do that below.

The “Home Tonight” single is out 4/6 on Lindstrøm’s own Feedility label. And Lindstrøm’s’s still working on Runddans, that collaborative album with Todd Rundgren and Serena-Maneesh’s Emil Nikolaisen.