Stream Clare Maguire Don’t Mess Me Around EP

I fell in love with Clare Maguire when she was making the soft-spoken, intimate folk of her self-titled EP. You should listen to it if you haven’t heard it because it’s excellent. But that doesn’t mean I’m not here for new her brash, uptempo EP Don’t Mess Me Around. Few artists can vacillate between these two extremes with the grace and continuity that Maguire does — the mood may be different but the blues are the same. “Sherlock” echoes and wanders through betrayal with the rambunctiousness of a Dylan story-song, and you could almost file the destroyed gospel spike of “Boomerang” next to Atlanta’s ferocious, emerging trio Algiers. The eponymous track rebuffs rejection with such force it almost turns to jubilance, and only “Dream Big” recalls her earlier, slower pace at all. But Maguire’s songwriting holds up regardless of pacing, and it’s riveting to hear her stretching her wings as a musician. Stream the EP below.

Don’t Mess Me Around is out tomorrow via iTunes.