Stream Chastity Belt Time To Go Home

Stream Chastity Belt Time To Go Home

Seattle-based quartet Chastity Belt will release their sophomore LP Time To Go Home toward the end of the month, but the record’s been shared two weeks premature of its due date so as not to be overshadowed by the impending mayhem of SXSW. Time To Go Home is the follow-up to 2013’s excellently titled debut No Regerts, and Chastity Belt will put it out on Hardly Art, the same label that brought us Colleen Green’s anxiety-ridden, sonically laid-back LP I Want To Grow Up earlier this year. Similarly, Chastity Belt have a lax way of dealing with life’s darker conflicts, particularly as they relate to gender relations. There’s a certain level of outrage to be found on Time To Go Home, but it’s a calm and collected kind of outrage, the type that towers above the oppressor and grows taller with every outpouring of snark. Listen to it over at NPR.

Time To Go Home is out 3/24 via Hardly Art.

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