Watch Barack Obama And Jimmy Kimmel Chat About Kanye West, Who’ll Be At SXSW

Last night, Barack Obama appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live. In addition to the sure-to-go-viral Presidential Mean Tweets segment, Obama also sat down for an interview where he addressed his relationship with Kanye West. During a lecture at Oxford earlier this month, West noted that the President “calls the home phone,” but Obama disputed that. Here’s his response:

I’ve met Kanye twice. The first time when I was a Senator, and he was with his mom and he had just gotten big and they wanted to meet. He’s from Chicago, you know… He was very soft-spoken, very gracious. […] He was a young guy, hadn’t quite come into his own. And then, about six months ago, he came to an event. Look, I love his music, he’s incredibly creative, but I don’t think I have his home number.

Kimmel will be moving to Austin for SXSW next week, and Kanye is scheduled to appear on the show on Friday night. He’s also rumored to be playing a show at Stubb’s on Saturday — the Stubb’s schedule is promisingly open on that night.