Watch Lil Wayne Throw His Mic, Confront DJ For Playing The Wrong Version Of “CoCo”

Look, when you’re a DJ for a hip-hop legend like Lil Wayne, you literally have one job. Your job is to play the right backing tracks for Wayne to deliver his raps over. That’s it. Sure, there’s a certain amount of artistry in keeping your shit organized and rolling with the punches if Wayne switches up the setlist, but considering your job is to help one of the greatest rappers alive play music, a certain level of dedication seems inherently required for the task. So when Lil Wayne’s DJ played the original version of OT Genasis’ “CoCo” — and didn’t even notice at first — Wayne lost his shit, hurtling his microphone at the DJ table and stomping over to yell at the DJ. The guy was supposed to play the remixed beat that Wayne raps over on Sorry 4 The Wait 2, and I’m guessing Wayne was already a little extra testy about the mixup since “CoCo” is bigger than anything he’s put out lately. Anyway, watch his reaction to the incident, from multiple angles, below.

[Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images.]

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