Watch Jack White And Robert Plant Play Led Zeppelin’s “The Lemon Song” At Lollapalooza Argentina

The nicest thing I’ve ever heard anyone say about Jack White is that he’s Robert Plant and Jimmy Page if they were the same person. That gets at White’s appeal, but when you sit White next to the genuine article, you see that he still has a ways to go. Over the weekend, White headlined the Lollapalooza Argentina festival. Robert Plant, who also played the show, joined him onstage to sing Led Zeppelin’s thunderous 1969 rager “The Lemon Song.” And even at the age of 66, Plant hits notes that White couldn’t even dream about. It’s fun to see the two share a stage, and maybe it’ll be a taste of things to come. Last year, Plant said that he loves White’s “buccaneer spirit” and that he might like to record with him. Maybe we can make that happen now? Check out the performance below.

If this is the closest thing to a Zeppelin reunion we get anytime soon, fair enough.