Chilly Gonzales – “Advantage Points” Video

Last week musical genius Chilly Gonzales released his string-quartet-oriented album Chambers, which seeks to reimagine the Romantic era for a modern day pop audience. In that vein, today he shared the video for “Advantage Points,” one of the album’s most dramatic tracks. Amidst clips of Chilly and his quartet playing the music, a duel unfolds, revealing in the process how absurd the practice was. The poor guy moderating the duel ends up much worse for the wear, and I ended up on a wild goose chase trying to figure out if there was a name for duel moderators. I couldn’t find an exact title, so if you know one, let me know in the comments. Directed by Jonathan Barré, the clip also includes a rather unlikely love story. In matters of the heart — and the theatre — necessity is the mother of invention. Watch it below.

Chambers is out now.