Jarvis Cocker Designed 20 Fake Hit Records For His New Art Show

Jarvis Cocker has found a high-concept way to troll everyone who wishes Pulp would make another album (which is all of us). As Pitchfork reports, Cocker is about to present an art exhibition at Red Bull Space Paris. The idea of the exhibition is that Cocker invented 20 fictional hit records, and he put together the labels that would appear on their vinyl copies if they were real. They’re appearing alongside old British music-TV show footage that shows audiences instead of performers. Here’s how Cocker explains it:

The idea arose 3 years ago, during a period in which I didn’t really know where I was headed. I had just finished a tour and people kept asking what I was going to do next, if I was going to start work on a new record. Though it’s a bit embarrassing, that’s where the idea came from. I told them ‘Yes, I’m working on records, but not in the manner you’d expect… In contrast to the gold record, which is the record industry’s way of confirming commercial success, these fans who engage, share an energy, a communal moment that’s ultimately not so focused on the band, it’s them who symbolise what music means to me: an energy to be shared, that draws people together, that encourages interactions via the act of listening and dancing.

Cocker is now, however, entirely done with making music. He made an instrumental score for the art show, and it’ll feature collaborations with Pilooski and Serafina Steer. The exhibition runs 6/17 – 8/28, and limited-edition vinyl copies of that score will be available on site.