Snoop Dogg’s Instagram Causes Yet Another Controversy

Snoop Dogg’s pretty bad at Instagram. I’d consider Instagram the least likely social network to cause any trouble — there’s no potential for misguided tweets, no opportunity to write long Facebook rants. How can you really go wrong posting a filtered picture that (sometimes) has a caption attached? Well, Snoop knows how. First, he came under fire for some homophobic remarks about someone who commented on his page, then he went after Iggy Azalea with a racist meme. Now, he’s getting other people in trouble! A few weeks ago, Snoop posed with a Texas state trooper at SXSW and posted it to his Instagram with the caption “me n my deputy dogg” (which is, granted, pretty funny). But, as WKYT points out, the trooper was then cited for taking a picture with a public figure that also has a criminal background. The trooper will be required to attend counseling for his mistake, but his attorney says that he didn’t know the rapper had ever been convicted. (Weirdly enough, an Austin police officer who took a similar picture with Snoop doesn’t seem to be in trouble. Different jurisdictions, presumably.) The article says that Snoop “asked for a picture with” the trooper. Maybe it’s time for the rapper to take a break from Instagram, like we suggested.

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