Carlos Forster – “You’ll Survive” (Stereogum Premiere)

San Francisco-based musician, former For Stars frontman, and frequent M. Ward collaborator Carlos Forster has a day job as a licensed psychotherapist. This makes total sense: “You’ll Survive,” the new single from his second solo effort Disasters, is all about the unspecified psychological turmoil of an unnamed woman. “Lost in the fires of your mind / A child’s sense of time / Your body gone to nothing,” Forster sings, his plaintive voice piercing through the wash of synth, organ, and guitar that bathes the track. “And I wanna help your troubled mind / So you don’t fall apart / To nothing / But a breakdown you’ll survive,” he concludes, at which point a melancholically hopeful horn solo from Beulah’s Bill Swan arrives, seemingly signaling a new dawn. Despite being recorded in Forster’s own basement, his music has all the quiet post-rock grandeur of an underwater symphony, and you can experience it below.

Disasters is out now on Spanish label Acuarela Discos, and it’ll be getting a US release this summer.