Tyler, The Creator Launches Golf Media App: “Basically My Brain, In One Place”

Tyler, the Creator announced that his Golf Media app will launch tonight at 9 PM PST and is downloadable now from the Apple and Android app stores. The promotional discussion surrounding the app insists that it will feature a fair amount of “original content” and will be, as Tyler’s manager Christian Clancy told the Fader, “interactive and whatever other buzzwords that sound mildly annoying and marketing-like.” You can register at golfwang.com for a free two-month trial or register directly through app stores and pay $4.99 a month for the service.

When Golf Media was announced last month, Tyler explained that it would be “basically my brain, in one place.” Clancy further elaborated on the app, stating that:

[Golf Media is] an opportunity to jump in a space everyone’s scrambling to figure out, and we found a partner that isn’t bogged down by politics and stuff that gets in the way of actually trying it the way Tyler wants.

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