Justin Bieber Reportedly Thrown Out Of Coachella After Scuffle With Security

Justin Bieber spent most of his Coachella flirting with Kendall Jenner, but when he tried to close out his weekend in the desert by going to see Drake like any other normal person would, he hit a little snag. TMZ reports that Coachella security denied Bieber and his team entry into the private artists’ area, saying that it was at capacity and that he would have to leave the festival or go out into the general crowd. Bieber responded (justifiably) that there was no way that he could go into the crowd and not be mobbed by fans, and said that he was personally invited by Drake to be there so he wouldn’t leave.

Apparently at this point, a different Coachella staffer began to escort Bieber and his team inside the artist’s area, but security came up from behind and put Bieber in a chokehold. The singer was then ordered to leave the festival. Sources close to Bieber’s team claim that he voluntarily left, and also added that their are considering taking legal action against the security guards.

TMZ has some extremely fuzzy video of the incident — this sounds like it happened right around when “Marvin’s Room” was beginning, or just about halfway through Drake’s set.

There’s definitely more to this story from both parties, but I honestly find myself siding with the Biebs here.