Fraternal Twin – “Skin Gets Hot” (Stereogum Premiere)

Fraternal Twin started off as the solo recording project of Quarterbacks bassist Tom Christie, but his debut album grew to contain a multitude of voices. On “Skin Gets Hot,” the title track of said album, he enlists the help of Porches’ Aaron Maine and Leslie Bear (who records under the name Long Beard) to flesh out what was once a simply-strummed demo on an earlier split into something with a lot of muscle and clarity. There’s a soggy, downbeat inevitability to the track, like something has to happen because of course it’s going to happen. The chorus is built around an involuntary impulse, after all — “no, I never forgot because my skin gets hot” — and there’s a sense that sometimes it’s easier to just go through the motions, that it’s all out of our hands: “Only an arrow knows where it will go/ So I pull and shoot, like I’ve always done.” Listen below.

Tour Dates (w/ Generifus):
05/06 Philadelphia, PA @ The Great Indoors
05/07 New Brunswick, NJ @ TBA
05/08 Brooklyn, NY @ Silent Barn
05/09 Bard College, NY @ Farm Fest
05/10 New Paltz, NY @ Team Love
05/11 Brooklyn, NY @ Palisades

Skin Gets Hot is out 5/5 via Apollonian Sound.