Watch Green Day Reunite With Original Drummer, Cover Rancid & Operation Ivy With Tim Armstrong In Cleveland

Tomorrow night, Green Day go into the Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame. Last night, the band played its first U.S. show in a couple of years at Cleveland’s House Of Blues, and they made it a special one. Punk rock hero Tim Armstrong, of Rancid and Operation Ivy, joined the band for a couple of songs. Together, they did Op Ivy’s “Knowledge” and Rancid’s “Radio,” which Billy Joe Armstrong wrote with Tim Armstrong (no relation, though I still hear people calling them brothers sometimes). Tim Armstrong should really have some kind of Hall Of Fame dedicated entirely to him. Green Day band also brought out original drummer John Kiffmeyer, who played with the band between 1989 and 1990, to play some old rarities. Below, watch fan-made videos of all that going down.

Shout out to mohawk bouncer. Mohawk bouncer knows what’s up.