Diplo And Gucci Mane Are Making An Album Together

Gucci Mane has been in prison since May. He isn’t really working on anything besides maybe “not being in prison anymore.” But whoever is in charge of Gucci’s music has been busy. Since he went away to prison, we’ve had a steady stream of Gucci releases, presumably made up of music he banked before getting locked up. Last month, we got three albums in one day, and we’ve already had another album and an EP since then. And now, according to whoever runs Gucci’s Twitter feed, he’s got a new “EDM album” with Diplo coming. Diplo jumped on Twitter to correct the “EDM” thing, but apparently he’s got some kind of Gucci-related project in the works. Here’s what the two had to say:

(via FACT)

I would love to see the long-term strategy of whoever’s controlling all this Gucci music, if there even is one.

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