Blis. – “Floating Somewhere High And Above” Video

Blis. – “Floating Somewhere High And Above” Video

The Atlanta-based trio Blis. released their EP Starting Fires In My Parents House back in February, and today they’ve debuted a video for the first single “Floating Somewhere High And Above.” This Travis Lamb-edited piece is a combination of all of the things I normally openly detest in music videos: scuzzy live performance shots, found-footage, super-imposed nostalgic lens filtering, basically everything made to seem nostalgic and sentimental without actually being nostalgic or sentimental. I’m an outspoken critic. HOWEVER, I will take back my jaded opinions now, because what Lamb has put together is incredibly effective. Blis. perform in what looks like someone’s family home, treading on faded family photographs littering the floor, all of which seem undeniably personal. Judging by the use of skeletal cartoons and burning KKK cross clips spliced in between bits of footage, this reads as a testament of a tormented familial history. Watch below.

Starting Fires In My Parents House is out now via Soft Speak.

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