Ronnie Stone & The Lonely Riders – “<3 Race. Cold Sweat. Nu Dance. Do It."

Ronnie Stone & The Lonely Riders – “<3 Race. Cold Sweat. Nu Dance. Do It."

I saw my first Ronnie Stone show a few weeks ago. That shouldn’t come across as some momentous announcement, considering they’ve only played two or three shows so far, but it felt like a big deal, made all the more special by the group’s unwavering commitment to form. The stage was filled with smoke and flashing lights, ’80s costumes were practically mandatory. A DJ spun throwback tracks in the hours leading up to their set, and Ronnie Stone and his Lonely Riders took the stage with force. Gabriela already went into the backstory of the Brooklyn underground’s main purveyors of funk when we debuted “Kiss The Daddy” earlier this month, and suffice to say it’s all a little ridiculous. But it’s ridiculous in a fun, well-meaning way. The intense vibes of the group border on parody, but then circle right back around to loving homage. “<3 Race. Cold Sweat. Nu Dance. Do It." is the second track from their upcoming debut full-length, Motorcycle Yearbook, and the title alone should let you know what you’re in for. It’s an irresistible slice of impossibly fun eighties dance music, brimming with nostalgia for an era that none of its members have ever lived through. Listen below.

Motorcycle Yearbook is out later this year. Ronnie Stone’s next live show will be at Brooklyn’s Shea Stadium on 5/23. Tickets are available here.

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