Stream The Tallest Man On Earth Dark Bird Is Home

Since releasing his debut full-length, Shallow Grave, in 2008, Kristian Matsson’s sound has evolved from hushed rustic utterances worthy of a Faulkner novel into something much larger. With each new album, Matsson cautiously integrated those early stripped-down acoustics with other bits of instrumentation, slowly building The Tallest Man On Earth into the solo project that, well, requires more than one person to perform. Dark Bird Is Home is by far the most instrumentally varied, lush collection of Tallest Man On Earth compositions to date, but Matsson’s humble origins are still audible. The opening song, “Fields Of Our Home” beckons the listener in with its familiar aesthetic, before it quickly develops into something more polished and calculated toward the end. We’ve already heard the first two singles — “Sagres” and “Dark Bird Is Home” — but now you can stream Dark Bird Is Home in its entirety over at NPR.

Dark Bird Is Home is out 5/12 via Dead Oceans.