Sea Of Bees – “Dad”

Sea Of Bees’ Julie Ann Baenziger has a voice that makes you want to lean in and listen carefully — you can tell there’s power there, but she shows great restraint and only brings it out when necessary. On “Dad,” the first single from her upcoming new album Build A Boat To The Sun, she’s in laidback mode, more interested in being dreamy and contemplative than showing off her pipes. The music itself is a throwback to a less complicated time, from the ’50s “sha la la”‘s that kick the track off to the plucky, unfussy song structure. Her lyrics operate in the same way, a plain-spoken but deep look at the complexities of life: “You’re shoes are so big, I don’t think I can fit/ There must be a place where I can find my way,” she sings, and you can hear her searching. Listen below.

Build A Boat To The Sun is out 6/29 via 3 Loop Music.

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