Prince Records Tribute To The People Of Baltimore

In the wake of recent unrest in Baltimore, a couple of competing narratives are emerging. One is that the rioters in the city are burning down their own neighborhoods and discrediting their own cause. The other is that the people out in the street are children in desperate circumstances and that you can’t hope to judge another person’s behavior when you’ve never felt anything like their circumstances. When police can horribly murder someone for looking at them wrong, that’s going to inspire a whole lot of anger, and you can only push someone so far before they snap. As a Baltimore native, I can tell you this: Baltimore is a truly great city, and one that deserves better than its craven petty-dictator police force. Prince seems to agree. Billboard reports that Prince has spent time in Paisley Park this week recording a song that will serve as a “tribute to all of the people of the city of Baltimore.” It’ll address the death of Freddie Gray and the other police killings happening around the country. The image above is the cover art. We don’t yet know how we’ll release it. But I wonder if the Michael Jackson protester knows any of the moves from Purple Rain.