PC Music Share Studio Video, Jingle Stems For Remix Contest

PC Music Share Studio Video, Jingle Stems For Remix Contest

The pitch-shifting, the heavily-edited photos, the monikers — everything about PC Music suggests a certain level of superficiality that’s hard to wrap your head around without a tutorial. That’s OK. It’s what they’re going for, and the label’s secrets are finally starting to unravel, albeit slowly. The PC Music showcase at SXSW was the label’s first live endeavor, and in the RBMA video below, A.G. Cook and Hannah Diamond explain some of the inner-workings of their respective artistic processes. Pop Cube is the name of the TV network that PC Music is supposedly launching, and the label’s teamed up with RBMA for its premiere event, which will take place this Friday at BRIC House in Brooklyn. Additionally, the Pop Cube jingle needs re-working. Learn about the remix contest here, and watch a video of Hannah Diamond and A.G. Cook in the studio below.

For a quick primer, check out the new PC Music Volume 1 compilation.

UPDATE: Here’s a second Pop Cube teaser featuring ridiculous cooking lessons from GFOTY:

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