Gwar Fires New Singer For Partying Too Hard

Last year, Richmond gore-metal institution Gwar lost longtime frontman Dave Brockie to a heroin overdose. But the band soldiered on without him. And at their second show after Brockie’s death, they unveiled their newest member: Singer Vulvatron, the first full-on female member Gwar had ever had. (Slymenstra Hymen was an important part of the band during their earlier years, but she was less a singer and more a fire-dancer.) Vulvatron quickly made an impression for being a badass and for squirting blood out of her giant fake boobs. But Gwar and Vulvatron recently parted ways, and now we’re learning it’s because Kim Dylla, the actual human being playing Vulvatron, was partying too hard.

In a statement on the band’s Facebook page last week, band member Brent Purgason wrote: “Kim did a great job, but we wanted to go a different direction with the Vulvatron character. You will absolutely see more of Vulvatron in the future, just not portrayed by Kim. There is no ill will, no acrimony, and no drama. We respect Kim’s talent without question, it just isn’t what we needed in the character.”

That doesn’t explain much, but now TMZ is reporting that Dylla was fired for drinking too much before shows. Dylla, meanwhile, claims that she’d have a few beers before shows but wouldn’t get drunk. She’s also mad because she created the Vulvatron character but doesn’t own it, which means Gwar is free to find someone else to play the character. In a post on her Facebook, Dylla says that she had to find out her firing on the internet and that nobody in the band told her. She also said this:

Yes, I drink beer. Almost every day. Find me a group of metal musicians who think that is weird. No, I don’t perform incapacitated and never have. Yes, I can handle my shit. No, I don’t do drugs. Yes, I broke my rib and kept singing through the rest of the set and the crowd never noticed. No, I didn’t break it because I was drunk, I broke it because I elbow dropped the wrong part of the Mr. Perfect costume trying to put on a good show. Anyone who has ever worked in the ring with me knows I constantly injure myself because I am clumsy as fuck. Yes, I called fan art “bad”- privately and to my friends on my private page, because it was technically bad, and amazingly so. Was that meant as an insult? No. Anyone who knows me knows I love bad art. It sucks that this had to turn into a media shitstorm but when people say things about you publicly that you honestly had no idea were going on, it’s going to be expected you want to say something back. Anyway, never get famous- it sucks. I only just wanted to play music. If you have a serious band and would like to play some music, hit me up.

On the one hand, it’s easy to see why she’s so pissed. On the other, this is a band that just lost its most important member to heroin. So if they’re being extra cautious around any type of substance issue, that makes sense too.

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