Hopsin Posts Phone Number On Facebook, Racks Up $6K Bill

The L.A. rapper Hopsin is mostly known — to me, anyway — for two things: Wearing goofy-colored contact lenses and having a weirdly huge internet fan base. So when Hopsin posted his phone number on his Facebook page earlier this week, a pretty good chunk of that fanbase mobilized, to the point where it cost Hopsin a pile of money. Actually, Hopsin didn’t think he was getting enough attention when he first posted that number, so he followed it up by posting a video of himself answering calls and having awkward conversations with random fans. That video went viral, and you can watch it below.

Text Hopsin! 1 818 946 0244

Text me! people still think its not me answering. Add yourself to my phonebook once you get a text back. Ill be calling people that are in my phonebook.1 818 946 0244

Posted by Hopsin on Monday, May 11, 2015

That didn’t work out so well for him:

Man U gotta be fuckin kidding me! Holy fuck, MY PHONE BILL IS 6 thousand fuckin dollars!! What the FUCK was i thinking. Kill me now

Posted by Hopsin on Tuesday, May 12, 2015

(via Noisey)

The phone number no longer works. This raises the question: How much was Mike Jones paying in wireless bills for all those years?

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