Stream Remy Banks higher. + “exhale.” Video

Remy Banks is dead-set on putting New York back on the map. Along with his roles in the scruffy Queens hip-hop collectives World’s Fair and Children Of The Night, Banks is finally releasing his debut solo project higher. The tape tends toward moodier, introverted beats replete with brass, and Banks channels a golden era New York flow. Aside from previously released “rem.” and “n1go,” the standout track is “The Function” — featuring World’s Fair and D.R.A.M., the lovable crooning genius who brought us “Cha Cha” — a loopy, soulful story-song about partying across state lines that plays out in cloudy euphoria. You can stream the entire mixtape below, as well as watch the video for the album’s closing track “exhale,” which was directed by Senpeezy.

Download higher. for free here.